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Intercol group as spsonor for the event on 20th feb
Appointed as JCI Yuen Long 2016 Presidential advisor
Orangize and support HK and break through world geniuss record
As supporting organization for Zhuhui innovative competition
As Scholarship sponsor for sham shui po primary school for 4 year
as donate art painting of phenix for the ylites 2013
as sponsor for hksar outstanding students Selection 2013
limitless appreciation card
hope for childrens
as volunteer for the event of love family day hosted by HKUYA
Intercol continue to donate 100 mooncake to the poor children of poling
As sponsor for Bring Love to Home series 2 project
Intercol Donate 100 box of mooncake to the poverty in zhuhai of china
Shirley as speaker for Shanghai expo about innovaitve
Shirley as speaker for YWCA about innovaitve
Sponsor for HKSAR Outstanding Students Selection 2010
As voluteer for HKYUA ladies club Volunteer
Hopecard Sponsor the couple nigth
Intercol being the Ambrassdor of HSBC living business award
Sponsor for HKSAR Outstanding Students selection
Mentor of HKTrade and Industrial Department
Volunteer of Chinese painting
Sponsor of Bring Love to Home
Chairman of Heart to Heart of Olympic Photographice competition
Committee of Heart to Heart of Olympic celebration
Mentorship program of HK poly University
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